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Apple Orchard for sale in the Laurentians. Apple farm for 
sale in the land of the apple in Saint-Joseph-du-Lac in the 
Laurentians. For sale, 41 acres of orchard with an abundant 
production of 3,300 apple trees. The different varieties 
include: Polared, Lobo, McIntosh, Cortland, Spartan, 
Empire, Honeycrisp, Milton, Jerseymac. Become the owner of 
a farm and a profitable business in addition to the world 
of homemade cider. The owners obtained an Apple cider 
production permit (hobby- processing) which is 
transferable, upon the purchasing of the farm, along with a 
reputation that's already very well established and 
entrenched into the Apple orchard industry. According to a 
survey compiled by the current owners, 60% of the market 
would come from agro-tourism industry through the strategic 
geographical location of that farm on the edge and exit of 
Highway 640 (15 minutes from Laval). The physical location 
of the orchard warmly welcomes all groups of visitors 
(school groups, tourists and local clients), offers quality 
amenities that leaves visitors with a positive memory of 
their visit to the orchard. A visit to their storefront 
35x22 after a meal at the restaurant charms the customer 
for a complete apple orchard experience. The complementary 
of services offered by this apple orchard make it stand out 
from all other competition.

The main residence includes 15 rooms, including a fully 
finished basement and 3 bedrooms. The quaint second home 
(included), tastefully decorated, has dimensions of 40x60. 
Enjoy the comfort of this vast complex just steps away from 
your workplace.

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