Located in the beautiful Lanaudière region, this St-Liguori 
Hobby farm for sale combines the charm of the countryside 
with the proximity of the city, making it a place of 
choice. 50 minutes from Montreal and 15 minutes from 
Joliette, this century-old house was completely renovated 
by focusing on the quality of the materials used. The stamp 
was respected with a particular concern to make it 
functional and warm to evolve at the same rate as the 
family. The rooms are airy, common areas invite gatherings, 
not to mention the 5 bedrooms that meet the need for 
tranquility of each.
                    The outside also offers all the 
necessary space to enjoy the joys of each season. The 
facilities are numerous and in addition to making this 
place an ideal place to adapt to several types of crops. 
There are 3 automated greenhouses of good size, as well as 
other warehouse, office and garage buildings, while still 
leaving plenty of room for other projects.
                   The Red River skirts the land not far, 
we see the mountains to the north and all the land is 
bordered by many species of trees, which gives a lot of 
privacy to the property. Sustainable development is at the 
heart of the work that has been done over the years, from 
digging an artificial pond to leveling the land. In 
addition, no fertilizers or chemical pesticides have been 
applied for 3 years. This is the place to see a life 
project come into the world!

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